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Introduction to Milling


Three Days



At MetTECH Training Centre


Suitable For


This course is ideally suited to those with little or no previous milling experience. . Instruction takes place both in the classroom and in MetTECH's workshops facilities.


Course Content


  • Safety relevant to milling
  • Interpretation of engineering drawings and symbols
  • Measuring instruments relevant to milling: - types, care and use
  • The milling machine and its controls
  • Cutting tools terminology, selection and mounting
  • Feeds and speeds
  • Positioning and Holding Workpieces
  • Coolants
  • Faults recognition:- guidance on milling faults and means of avoiding them


Practical Exercises


  • Cutting stepped Block
  • Safe method of setting up, holding and securing stepped shaft to cut keyway
  • Cutting keyed block (closed & open) vees and angles.





MetTECH Certificate of Attendance.





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